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Segway Tour Cologne

Cologne is the most populated city in Northrhine-Westphalia. At the same time it's the forth-largest city in Germany with more than one million inhabitants. Cologne's history goes back to the Romans whose traces can still be seen today.    

Besides its economic importance and international influence Cologne is one of the worldwide leading art trade cities. It is home to numerous media companies like television stations, publishing houses and music producers that are known nationwide. Moreover, Cologne is a university city: 50.000 students are registered at the Cologne University, further 23.000 young academics study at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences which makes Cologne a location for education and research of the Rhein-Ruhr metropolitan region.  


The famous Cologne Cathedral, however, is what makes Cologne a popular tourist destination. Being the most important cultural sight of the Rhine city it attracts millions of people throughout the entire year. Needless to say that during a Segway Tour across Cologne one will get the chance to take photos of this impressive landmark when passing by the Cathedral.  

Next to the Cathedral there is the Old Town with its historic buildings and traditional pubs that can be explored while gliding effortlessly through the narrow streets. Of course, we will also ride along the banks of the Rhine and cross the bridges to get to the other side of the river. Due to its geographical location next to the river Rhine Cologne has always been a central junction: Many trade routes have converged in Cologne and they still do today. Going by segway we will be able to keep a watch on the ships that arrive in the city nowadays. We will see them either from the so-called Rheinterrassen or from the brides which offer a breath-taking view of Cologne.  

These are just few of the many beautiful sights and places one can find in Cologne. Therefore, it's worth having a closer look at our website Segway Tour Cologne. All of our tours are guided. At the beginning our experts will give all participants an essential instruction in how to handle the vehicle.