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Segway Tour Köln

Terms of participation

tarting your Segway Tour safe and well prepared

Drivers license:

All Segway riders are required to at least have a moped license if they were born after April 1st 1965.

Minimum age:

The Minimum age is 15 years.


Body weight restrictions:

The body weight has to be at least 45 kg no more than 118 kg.

Cancellation of a tour:

For safety reasons a tour will be called off. You can then agree a new tour date. Your coupons remain valid.

Further information:

  • Driving und influence of alcohol or other drugs is strictly prohibited.

  • You will be obliged to wear a helmet at all times. They will be provided to you upon request.

  • Taking part in a tour while pregnant is prohibited. If you suffer from cardiac arrhythmias oder cardio-vascular diseases you will only be allowed to take part with a written consent of your doctor.

  • You take part in all tours at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children




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